Our Brand Mascot 'Roshni'

TATA Power-DDL introduces Roshni, its brand mascot. Roshni is spontaneous, witty, intelligent, and has a charismatic personality. She will guide our consumers on various topics such as Safety, E-payment of electricity bills (paying utility bills using online mediums), Company Ethics, Sustainable Living, & Energy Conservation.

Roshni believes in Empowerment through Engagement. She will communicate and engage on important subjects, but on a lighter note that’ll be fun. We believe our consumers will enjoy interacting with her as she will guide them non-stop with her valuable advice. At times, she will be a philosopher and friend.

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The Smart Life of Roshni

Roshni believes in the power of Smart Life. Smart energy solutions are essential to build a smart, sustainable future. The looming energy crisis that the world is facing can be solved only by switching to alternative sources of energy.

The digitalization of energy systems is an important step towards a Smart Future by improving the safety, productivity, and sustainability of the energy space. From IoT-enabled technologies to Digital services for consumers, power sector is undergoing a massive transformation.